Ale Pak (आले पाक)

40.00 (100gm)

Nanukaka’s hot and zesty Ale Pak is made from fresh Ginger root and Sugar. Our signature homemade style makes the Alepak low on Sugar and more on the Ginger!
This winter special sweet can be enjoyed around the year due to its therapeutic benefits; helps in digestion, relieves nausea, helps relieve sore throat and others.
No added preservatives, colour, flavour or fragrants.

Also known as | Alyachi Vadi | Ginger Pak | Ginger Candy | Ginger Vadi | आले पाक | आल्याची वडी | अद्रक कि बर्फी |अद्रक पाक |
Note: To be consumed in small quantities per day. To be kept under refrigeration.

Other homemade health products at Nanukaka include Pachak Ras and Ova Arka .

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Does not contain glucose.

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