Ambe Dal (आंबे डाळ)

100.00 (250 grams)

Nanukaka’s Ambe Dal is a seasonal specialty side dish served during Summer months when Raw Mango is available aplenty. Chana Dal, Raw Mango and Green Chilies being the key ingredients, a tempering of Curry leaves (Kadipatta) and black Mustard (Mohori / Rai) gives Ambe Dal its unique flavour.

Ambe Dal contains good amount of protein, fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This vegan, plant-based protein salad is a healthy addition to your summer food palate.

Nanukaka’s Ambe Dal is specially prepared on Akshay Tritiya and on order basis only in the months of March-May.
Not available for purchase online.

Also known as: | Vatli Dal | Kairi chi Dal |

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Weight 250 g


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