Chikoo Shrikhand (चिकू श्रीखंड)

110.00 (250 grams)

Nanukaka uses traditional handmade Chikoo Shrikhand preparation, Milk > Curd > Chakka + Fresh Chikoo Pulp + sugar, resulting in a thick, wholesome Chikoo Shrikhand. The selection of Chikoos enhances the taste and texture.

No added flavourants, colourants, fragrances or artificial preservatives.

Also referred to as Chikoo Shrikhand | Chiku Srikhand | Chikku Shrikhand

You may also try our handmade Shrikhand (Jaiphal-Velchi), Keshar Dryfruit Shrikhand and Amrakhand.


Homemade-Handmade Chikoo Shrikhand

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Weight 250 g


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