Diwali Pahat Abhyanga Pack


Nanukaka’s Diwali Pahat Abhyanga Pack is your best ally for a healthy Diwali. Abhyanga Snan on the morning of Diwali nourishes the entire body and keeps you fresh and energetic throughout Diwali. Nanukaka brings a chemical free experience to your Diwali Pahat rituals. It also is a great gifting idea to your family and friends across India.

Nanukaka Diwali Phahat Abhyanga Pack (contents):

  • Kehsari Utane – to moisturize your body smooth and keep you fresh
  • Utane Masala – for nourishing your hair
  • Masala Tel – goodness of pure Groundnut oil, Avala, Davna, Maka, Bramhi etc., nourishes the body and hair; around the year
  • Shahi Snan – add four drops to a bucket of water and experience the Royal fragrance during Abyanga Snan
  • Heena Attar – in a roll-on styled dispenser to be used on body as well as clothes
  • Ashtagandha – chemical free Ashtagandha for your morning pooja rituals and body embellishment
  • Masala Agarbatti – chemical free incense sticks to pufiy the surroundings
  • Siddh Dhoop – prepared with just coal and Dhup to lighten the mood
  • Sungandhi Vaat – wax free vaat to be used without adding oil to the diya

This pack is available for shipping throughout India.

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Weight 500 g


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