Naral Vadi (नारळ वडी)

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Nara Vadi is a traditional delicacy prepared across Coconut growing regions. Nanukaka’s Naral Vadi is prepared from freshly grated Coconut with a hint of Cardamom.
Our Naral Vadi is free from any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Commonly reffered as: Coconut Vadi | Coconut Barfi | Nariyal Barfi | Naral Barfi | Narali Pak | Coconut Pak | Khobra Vadi

Naral Vadi is also known as Narali Pak or Naral Barfi.

Weight 100 g


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Naral VadiNaral Vadi (नारळ वडी)
50.00 grams