Poha Mirgunda (पोहा मिरगुंड)

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Our handmade  Poha Mirgunda is thicker than machine made Mirgunda, giving it traditional texture and crispiness.

Sun-dried for 5 sessions, our Microwaveable Mirgunda can be enjoyed during monsoons and winter seasons. The production process, use of traditional ingredients, modern storage methods and transport ensure limited breakage and helps us maintain the unique taste and product consistency. We work with our partners to bring the best quality product to you.

Ingredients: Poha Atta, Chili Powder, Salt, Papadkhar, Hing. No artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.
Storage: Store in a dry place. Pack in an airtight container after opening.
Preperation: Microwave for 45 seconds –  1 minute | Quick Deep Fry in hot oil |

Our crispies assortment prepared from Poha also includes Poha Kurdai. You may also try our nutritious Gahu Kurdai.

Poha Mirgunda is a Maharashtrian specialty papad prepared from half cooked rice called Poha, largely prepared in Raigad district of Konkan region and enjoyed across the state.

Weight 200 g

Shelf Life

Shelf Life: 9 months from date of manufacture


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60.00 (200 gms)