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Nanukaka’s variety of homemade Ladoos, Chakli, Chivda, Shankarpali, Shev, Puranpoli, Modak etc. form the backbone of the retail experience. Products manufactured by Nanukaka are free from any added preservatives, added colours, flavours, fragrants or Soda, resulting in healthier consumption. Our portfolio of products include foods for fasting, Diwali faral, Traditional flours, Snacking products among others.

We invest in the quality of our products and in providing a rich customer experience.

Customer First

All our products use the same recipes and ingredients as we would at our own home. We are customers too.


We have reintroduced Traditional products lost in the age of quick fix snacks

No Additives

No added Soda, Preservatives, Thickners, Colours, Flavours. All natural ingredients

Quality - Consistently

Nanukaka started with the theme - Providing high quality products, consistently. And we deliver!

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Home Decor products by Nanukaka are avialable by order. Try them!

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Amey - Founder

A Masters of Management Studies, Amey founded Nanukaka in 2018 with the simple aim of providing nutritious food products.

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Vijay - Store Manager

You will always be welcome with a broad smile at the store. Vijay heads the store at Dombivli West.

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Jaya - Head Cook

Jaya manages the 4 woman kitchen team and customer expectations by delivering mouth watering food products everyday.

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Delicacies like Ukadiche Modak, Gajar Halwa, Bhogi chi Bhaji, Pakatle Chirote, Kharwas, Srikhand, Amrakhand are products that you can enjoy at our Store.

Bhogi chi Bhaji, Gajar Halwa, Til Ladoo, Gul Poli are a few seasonal specialties that you can enjoy at your nearest Nanukaka outlet


Worldwide Shipping

Our products are enjoyed by people across continents


Best Quality

Our products adhere to strict quality control and taste


No Discounts

Our No Discount policy enables us to focus on wholesomeness of our products


Secure Payments

All payments made through the website are encrypted via authorised third party gateways

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