Nanukaka Paushtik Ladoo: 3rd Nutrition Packed Delight

Paushtik Ladoo by Nanukaka
Paushtik Ladoo by Nanukaka

Nanukaka on 20th June 2024 launched its 3rd nutrition packed Ladoo, the Paushtik Ladoo.

Paushtik Ladoo, prepared with 14 ingredients, is made in Cow Ghee and Brown Jaggery with Herbs. The ladoo’s anti-oxidative properties stimulate metabolism, acts as a good source of minerals, healthy fats and fiber. These ladoos provide nourishment to people of all age groups. You can buy Paushtik Ladoo online.
The Paushtik Ladoo joins Dink Dryfruit Ladoo and Methi Dryfruit Ladoo as the triangle of multi-ingredient nutritious ladoos at Nanukaka.

Collection of Pure Cow Ghee Ladoos at Nanukaka

Nanukaka’s collection of functional ladoos are all prepared using Pure Cow Ghee. Methi Dryfruit Ladoo and Dink Dryfruit Ladoo each contain over 12 ingredients and are beneficial for Lactating mothers apart from being healthy for the entire family. Hirve Moog Ladoo and Nachni Ladoo and Shengdana Ladoo act as a good source of protein and healthy fats across all age groups. Being prepared in Brown Jaggery make these ladoos healthier.

Besan Ladoo and Rava Ladoo which are also prepared using Pure Cow Ghee are known for being perfectly roasted with a distinct texture and taste.

Nanukaka’s collection of ladoos include Ladoos prepared with Sesame seeds, the Crispy Til Ladoo and the soft Tilkut Ladoo, the crunchy Shengdana Khadkhade Ladoo and Dalya Ladoo. Boondi Ladoo and Naral Rava Raghavdas Ladoo are prepared for special ocassions.

Most Ladoos are available for purchase throughout the year through Nanukaka Store located at Dombivli, Thane District, Maharashtra, India. You can also order online.

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