Puranpoli, the queen of Traditional Sweets of Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a variety of authentic traditional sweets ranging from Srikhand and its variants, Kheer, Modak in Steamed as well as Fried forms, Shankarpale, Chirote, Karanji, Anarse, Patole, Sandan, Shrivalya, Khaja to Gul Poli and the list goes on.


The queen of Maharashtrian Sweets, by Nanukaka

While some of these are sweets to be enjoyed as desserts, some as sweets for occasions, others as full meals (Shirvalya), the sweet that can be enjoyed across all 3 occasions is the Puranpoli. With variations in usage of jaggery or sugar, addition of fennel seeds, coconut etc. the delectable Puranpoli can be enojyed as is, or with a layer of warm pure Ghee, with hot or cold Milk or with Katachi Amti (Curry prepared from Chana Daal Stock). Puranpoli is thus the true queen of Traditional Sweets of Maharashtra.

Nanukaka’s takes pride in its Puranpoli which is prepared from best quality Chana Daal, Wheat Flour, Jaggery with a dash of Jaiphal. Our Puranpoli is known for its rich texture and unique taste across Dombivli, available throughout the year on a made to order basis. Nanukaka does not use any artificial colours, flavours, fragrants or preservatives in its Puranpoli.

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