Besan Ova Shev (बेसन ओवा शेव)

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| Tikhat Shev | Tikha Sev | Besan Ova Shev | Diwali Shev |

Nanukaka’s Traditional Besan Ova Shev, commonly referred to as Tikhat Shev, sticks to tradition by being thick and crispy with the right spicing of Ova, alongside other spices.

Savoured during Diwali festivities, Tikhat Shev is a perennial tea time snack. Nanukaka’s Shev is prepared in Sunflower Oil.

No Soda | No added Preservatives | No added Colours, Flavours or Fragrants | Prepared in Sunflower Oil

Nutritional Information (Per 100gm)*
Energy   585 kcal
Protein  7.63 gram
Fat 42 gram
Carbohydrates 44 gram

*Approximate values

Nanukaka’s Besan Ova Shev, also known as Tikhat Shev is prepared in Sunflower oil.

Weight 200 g


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Tikha SevBesan Ova Shev (बेसन ओवा शेव)
100.00 (250 grams)