Dryfruit Dink Ladoo (डिंक लाडू)

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Nanukaka’s Dryfruit Dink Ladoo is made from 11 ingredients including fried and crushed Dink, Ghee, Jaggery and finest quality of Dry Fruits. Packed with nutrition, Dink Ladoo helps generate heat in the body, anti-oxidative properties that stimulate metabolism, good source of minerals, helpful fatty acids for overall health, provides better immunity, increases good cholesterol levels and act as a good source of fiber.

These ladoos can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and traditionally recommended in the diet of lactating mothers.

Ingredients: Dry Dates, Almonds, Cashew, Dry Coconut, Pure Ghee, Jaggery, Edible Gum (Dink), Garden cress seeds (Halim), Flaxseeds (Alshi), Whole Wheat Flour, Poppy Seeds
घटक पदार्थ: खारीक, बदाम, काजू, सुक खोबरं, गूळ, साजूक तूप, डिंक, अळीव, अळशी, गहू पीठ, खसखस
Best Before: 60 days

Nutritional Information (Per 100gm)*
Fat           32 gram
Protein  6 gram
Carbohydrates 57 gram
Energy                 540 Kcal
Added Sugar    62gm (jaggery)
*Approximate values

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Weight 480 g

Shelf Life

60 days from date of manufacture


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Dryfruit Dink LadooDryfruit Dink Ladoo (डिंक लाडू)
400.00 (480 gm)