Hirve Moog Shev (हिरव्या मूगाची शेव)

115.00 (250 grams)

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Nanukaka’s Hirve Moog Shev, commonly known as Hirvya Moogachi Shev or Moong Sev, sticks to tradition by being green and lightly spiced. Hirve Moog Shev is enjoyed by people of all ages due to its nutritional benefits.

No Soda | No added Preservatives | No added Colours, Flavours or Fragrants | Prepared in Sunflower Oil

Nanukaka’s Hirve Moog Shev is prepared in Sunflower oil.

Weight 250 g

Shelf Life

Shelf Life: 45 days from date of manufacture


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Hirve Moog ShevHirve Moog Shev (हिरव्या मूगाची शेव)
115.00 (250 grams)