Keshar Kharwas (केशर खरवस)

125.00 (250 grams)

Keshar Kharwas at Nanukaka is made from Bovine colostrum (Chik) obtained from nearby Dairy Farms. The process used to prepare Keshar Kharwas, adds a rich texture and taste.
Contains Sugar.

Kharwas is rich in proteins and is also known as Chik, Kharvas is known as Ginnu Haalu in Kannada, Junnu Paalu in Telugu, Bari in Gujarati, Seem Paal in Tamil.


Keshar Kharwas prepared from Bovine colostrum, Milk, Keshar and Sugar.
Kharwas is available around the year at Nanukaka Store outlet in Dombivli.

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Weight 250 g


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