Namkeen Shankarpale (नमकीन शंकरपाळे)

60.00 (150 gms)

Nanukaka’s Namkeen Shankarpale is a traditional spicier version of Khare Shankarpale. Also referred to as Namkeen Sticks.
Fried in Sunflower Oil, it does not contain Soda, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

If you are looking for Sweet Shankrpali, click here and for Khare Shankarpale, click here.

Nutritional Information (Per 100gm)*
Energy   570 Kcal
Fat           35.5 gram
Protein  5.5 gram
Carbohydrates 57 gram
*Approximate values



Namkeen Shankarpale is a mildly spicy salted snack

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Shelf Life

45 days from date of manufacture


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