Kothimbir Vadi che Unde (कोथिंबीर वडी चे उंडे)

90.00 (250 grams)

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Nanukaka’s Kothimbir Vadi Unde, a Maharashtrian delicacy are prepared without using Soda, retaining the firm texture of traditional recipe. A batter consisting of Corriander leaves, gram flour, red chili powder, cumin powder, salt etc. is prepared and kothimbir vadi rolls are steamed. These steamed rolls are then cut in smaller pieces, packed and frozen to retain their taste. These pieces can be pan fried or deep fried as per taste.

Fried Kothimbir Vadi is a side dish, enjoyed during any meal consisting of rice and curry. It is also consumed as a late evening snack by Maharashtrians and is often enjoyed during pooja meals and festivals meals.

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Nanukaka’s Kothimbirwadi che Unde carries the homemade taste and quality.

Weight 250 g


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Kothimbir Vadi Che UndeKothimbir Vadi che Unde (कोथिंबीर वडी चे उंडे)
90.00 (250 grams)