Ukda Tandul (उकडा तांदूळ)

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Nanukaka’s Ukda Tandul uses a naturally produced traditional variety of rice found in Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. This variety provides a rich texture and nutritional profile to the rice sold at Nanukaka.

Ukda Tandul is as nutritious as Brown rice as it retains the nutrition of the Husk while being parabolied.  Also known as Ukda Chawal or Paraboiled Rice, it is superior to white rice.

Uses: It is used to prepare Pej (Kanji) which is a healthy supplementary food for toddlers, kids and elders. Ukdya Tandalachi Pej is enjoyed across all seasons and especially during Summers as it provides nutrition while being light on the stomach. It can also be added to prepare a Cereal-Pulse combination like Idli Batter or Dosa Batter.

Ukda Tandul is available for store purchase at Dombivli as well as online purchase for delivery across India.

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Weight 500 g

Shelf Life

60 days from date of packing


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Ukda Tandul aka Paraboiled RiceUkda Tandul (उकडा तांदूळ)
70.00 (500 grams)